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Trich signal over THE BAY skyline Shirt (BLACK)


TRICH SIGNAL (Trichadelics logo) shining Over the SF Bay Area skyline( THE BAY)
(Rumor has it when the signal is illuminated Trich shows up with terps to save the day)
*Printed on CHAMPION brand BLACK SHIRT
*Custom Trichadelics inner tag with sizing

The idea behind this shirt was inspired by Gotham city (BATMAN ), something I Have loved since a child. As for THE BAY AREA and Cali in general I owe so much to this place and will forever have love for it. It has showed me so much and gave me a life I could only dream of. Trichadelics was founded in THE BAY and home of THE TRICH CAVE. So this mash up is in homage to just that.

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